(G-P-Stamper) is a powerful Windows application specifically designed for photo documentation,  automatically extracting and visually stamping the GPS coordinates, image direction, elevation, date/time and other information from a geotagged image’s metadata. Options include adding a subject description and author information, along with automatic reverse geocoding and stamping of place names.

GPStamper’s efficient and optimized workflow  is vastly superior to any mobile app in its ability to batch process hundreds of photos simultaneously, producing professional, customized, and report-ready results in seconds.

GPStamper is designed for those who takes photos to document their field investigations or surveys. In continual development since 2007, GPStamper is a robust tool designed for the commercial user who needs to “Know Where – Know When” photos were taken.

Construction · Engineering · Utilities · Mining · Environment · Agriculture


  • Select from a variety of metadata to include in the stamp, GPS or UTM coordinate notation, and from font size, color, opacity, placement, and background/border options
  • Automatically reverse geocode and stamp city, state/province and country
  • Compatible with JPG photos from any camera/device with GPS, especially iPhones, and photos geotagged/reverse geocoded using Adobe Lightroom (or GPStamper)
  • Synchronizes with Windows File Explorer details pane metadata for compatibility with standard Exif and XMP metadata
  • Professional text rendering, with report-ready results in seconds using an advanced algorithm which preserves the original image quality
  • Simple installation, drag-and-drop operation, and easily accessed options where selections are saved from session to session for workflow efficiency
  • Extract and stamp frames from geotagged MOV/MP4 videos (including 4K and DJI)

GPStamper is designed for Windows and supports English characters, as most textual information in Exif is stored in ASCII format. iPhone 7 or later users on iOS 11 or later must capture photos as “Most Compatible” (i.e. JPEG). A Google Earth Pro desktop installation is recommended for full functionality.



Illustrated Guide to Operation


Please purchase an activation code only after confirming that GPStamper will meet your needs, as refunds can not be made after purchase. You are encouraged to contact me prior to purchase if you have any questions whatsoever regarding GPStamper’s capabilities or compatibility.

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Registered – System for Award Management (SAM)
D-U-N-S® Number 079118461

  Installer for Windows 7 or later (5-day free trial)

Buy now with PayPal or credit card  1 Perpetual license* – $49

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A PayPal account is not required, as debit and credit cards are accepted by PayPal.
Licenses are fulfilled Monday through Friday (UTC -6 business hours).

*Installation is permitted on two Windows devices used by the original licensee, with terms applicable to the originally licensed version. Server-based installations are not allowed, and an internet connection is required for activation. Resale and redistribution is prohibited.

GPStamper’s ability to quickly display photo locations in Google Earth Pro (desktop version 7.3.1 or later) and OpenStreetMap remains active after trial expiration.

GPStamper Lite

Offering the same basic stamping capability as GPStamper, this Lite version omits most of the advanced stamping options afforded in GPStamper to instead integrate into Windows context menu for fast stamping of where-and-when metadata.
Please visit the GPStamper Lite page for more information.


GPStamper was designed and developed through a professional interest in having the ability to display and catalog photos with location information visible to the user.
In many technical/science/engineering related fields it is extremely convenient (if not imperative) to have location, description and date/time information imprinted onto photos for reporting, documenting, archiving, or printing purposes. Geotag metadata is also protected against loss or corruption by being visually preserved.

I continually improve and update GPStamper to better suit the needs and expectations of the professional community.

Michael (Mike) Lee


Please contact me should you have any questions or special stamping requirements.
Your email address is used only to respond to your inquiry.

Expect a same-day response (Monday through Friday, UTC -6)

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