User Interface

GPStamper’s compact user interface (UI) can be conveniently placed anywhere on-screen, making it readily accessible for file or folder drag and drop from File Explorer, which is the easiest (and recommended) method of selecting photos for captioning.

GPStamper utilizes the Windows 11 system font* in the UI for enhanced legibility.

Windows 11

Caption content (left to right):

  • Subject description
  • GeoNames/OpenStreetMap location
  • Coordinates
  • GPS accuracy
  • Image direction
  • Elevation
  • File name
  • Date
  • Time
  • Author information (e.g., company/agency)
  • Custom logo (if plugin is installed)

Caption appearance:

  • Contrast
  • Size
  • Placement

See GPStamper’s Help file for complete details.

••• Maps & Tools menu

• Open File Explorer (and show/hide Details pane)
• View photo locations in Google Earth, Google Maps, or OpenStreetMap
• Read photo location metadata 
• Geotag photos from cameras without GPS/GNSS using a track log from a phone app or GPS watch

*Segoe UI Variable font is also available for installation in Windows 10