User Interface

GPStamper’s compact user interface (UI) can be conveniently placed anywhere on-screen, making it readily accessible for file or folder drag and drop from File Explorer, which is the recommended method of selecting photos for captioning.

GPStamper utilizes Windows 11 system font* in the UI for enhanced legibility, and can utilize Windows 11 voice typing feature for text entry.

Windows 11

Caption content (left to right):

  • Subject description
  • GeoNames/OpenStreetMap location
  • Coordinates
  • GPS accuracy (horizontal positioning error)
  • Image direction
  • Elevation
  • File name
  • Date
  • Time
  • Author information (e.g., company/agency)
  • Custom logo (with installed plugin)

Caption appearance:

  • Contrast
  • Size
  • Placement

See GPStamper’s Help file for complete details.

••• Maps & Tools menu

• Open File Explorer (and show/hide Details pane)
• View photo locations in Google Earth, Google Maps, or OpenStreetMap
• Read photo location metadata 
• Geotag photos from cameras without GPS/GNSS using a track log from a phone app or GPS watch

*Segoe UI Variable font is also available for installation in Windows 10