Pin GPStamper Preferences to Windows taskbar for fast and easy access to selections and options.

GPStamper Preferences
  • Include OpenStreetMap location to street level and/or point of interest
  • Include OpenStreetMap location to city/village level
  • OpenStreetMap location editing* (with automatic trim option†)
  • Include UTM coordinates
  • Include GPS coordinates as decimal degrees
  • Include GPS coordinates as degrees minutes seconds
  • Include date as Day Month Year
  • Include date as Month Day Year
  • Include date/time in ISO 8601 format (international standard)
  • Include GPS metadata: horizontal positioning error (HPE), image direction and altitude from iPhone photos
  • Include GPS metadata: altitude from non-iPhone photos
  • Format altitude in feet (vs. meters [default])
  • Select caption size (3 option checkbox: small/medium/large)
  • Select high contrast caption (white on black vs. white on translucent)
  • Increase caption margin for printing without truncation
  • Include subject descriptions (2 option button‡):
    • Enter a unique subject for each selected photo (default method)
    • Enter a subject once and apply it globally to all selected photos
  • Include author information, e.g. a company/agency name (saved until changed)
  • Enable preference lock§ for enforcing standardized captions among multiple users

Minimize or close GPStamper Preferences after selections are saved, then select photos and caption from Windows right-click context menu (below).


*Disabled, the location editing window does not pop up for each photo and multiline captions are automatically created.

†Typically used for the removal of the country name which is always included in OpenStreetMap location results.

‡Change the way subject descriptions are entered and applied — from unique for each selected photo (default), to entering a subject once to apply globally to all selected photos, or vice versa.

§Preference lock password is the last four digits of the activation code.

The “Rotate auto” context menu option was added with my AutoRotate application.