Pin GPStamper Preferences to Windows taskbar for fast and easy access to selections and options, especially the subject entry option*.

GPStamper Preferences
  • Include OpenStreetMap location to street level and/or point of interest
  • Include OpenStreetMap location to city/village level
  • OpenStreetMap location editing** (automatic trim option)
  • Include UTM coordinates
  • Include GPS coordinates as decimal degrees
  • Include GPS coordinates as degrees minutes seconds
  • Include date as Day Month Year
  • Include date as Month Day Year
  • Include date/time in ISO 8601 format (international standard)
  • Include GPS metadata: horizontal positioning error, image direction and altitude from iPhone photos
  • Include GPS metadata: altitude from non-iPhone photos
  • Format altitude in feet (vs. meters)
  • Select caption size (3 option checkbox: small/medium/large)
  • Select high contrast caption (white on black vs. white on translucent)
  • Increase caption margin for printing without truncation
  • Include subject descriptions (2 option button):
    • Enter a unique subject for each selected photo (default method)
    • Enter a subject once and apply it globally to all selected photos
  • Include author information, e.g. a company/agency name (saved until changed)
  • Enable preference lock† for enforcing standardized captions among multiple users

*Change the way subject descriptions are entered and applied — from unique for each selected photo (default), to entering a subject once to apply globally to all selected photos, or vice versa.

**Disabled, the location editing window does not pop up for each photo and multiline captions are automatically created.

†Preference lock password is the last four digits of the activation code.