PicoGEO is perfect for locating urban or rural travel photos, offering fully automatic location and date captioning. Two levels of location detail are available, with the precision mode typically including a point of interest name and/or street address*. A Windows 10 compatible application.

Context Menu access for instant stamping! (PicoGEO is GUI-free)

PicoGEO is compatible with geotagged JPG photos from iPhone, Android, or any camera/device with GPS, and supports English and the Latin-1 character set of most Western European languages.

Using Windows File Explorer, select a single photo, or multiple photos using Ctrl or Shift, then simply select PicoGEO from Windows context menu to instantly stamp the location name and date. Precision location names may be edited prior to stamping. Multiple selected photos are processed sequentially.

PicoGEO offers two date formats, including Month/Day/Year (MDY) and Day/Month/Year (DMY).
A print margin option is  available for those users who print their photos.

*Points of interest, or street addresses, may be unavailable or approximate, depending upon location.


This is the sole authorized source of PicoGEO.
PicoGEO is digitally signed by LEE, MICHAEL G

You are encouraged to thoroughly test the fully-functional trial version as refunds can not be issued.

5-day free trial:  PicoGEO Setup.zip
Windows Defender may require you to click “More info” and “Run anyway” during installation.
Your antivirus software must allow you to install software.

Buy now with PayPal or credit card 1 Perpetual License† – $29 (one-time fee)

Licenses are fulfilled Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm UTC -6
Resale or redistribution of PicoGEO or its license is prohibited.

†When you purchase an activation code for PicoGEO you receive a perpetual license to the current version (at the time of your purchase) and unlimited updates for two (2) years. The original licensee is permitted to activate PicoGEO on one Windows device per license. Server-based installations are not permitted.


Please contact me should you have any questions regarding PicoGEO’s capabilities or compatibility.