GPStamper Lite

Instantly caption (i.e. stamp) geotagged photos with GPS coordinates along with date and time.
GPStamper Lite has no visual interface, but is accessed directly from Windows context menu. Select any number of files and/or folders and then select ”Caption with Coordinates and Date” from the context menu.

GPStamper Lite is offered as a free tool, as I encourage everyone who photo documents their fieldwork to archive this vital information directly onto their photos.

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Secure Downloads (Windows 11 compatible)

GPStamper Lite


  • Do not download unauthorized redistributions from other sources, as they may be unsafe.
  • This is the sole authorized source of GPStamper Lite.
  • Your antivirus software must allow you to install software.
  • Windows SmartScreen may require you to click “More info” then “Run anyway”.
  • Installation is minimally intrusive, and no third-party applications are installed.

Also Free:

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GEOtag — Easily geotag photos from professional cameras which lack built-in GPS using track logs from apps like GPS Logger (Android), or myTracks (iOS).