GPStamper Lite

GPStamper Lite combines a user entered subject description, along with a photo’s coordinates in either GPS or UTM notation, date/time and author, into a high quality location stamp. Access GPStamper Lite via Windows® context menu to stamp either a single photo or an entire folder — instantly!

Subject descriptions entered via GPStamper Lite are stamped onto all  selected photos.
Alternatively, enter a unique subject for each photo in a folder via File Explorer’s “Subject” field in the details pane, which will then be included in the stamp.

File Explorer’s “Authors” field contributes author information to the stamp.
Alternatively, an “author.txt” file which includes the author name, placed in the GPStamper Lite program folder, will automatically add this information to all photos.

Including a subject and/or author is optional.

Download Standard version (ASCII)

This is the sole authorized source of GPStamper Lite.
Digitally signed by Michael G Lee (certificate issued by COMODO)

You have been awarded a single license to GPStamper Lite which allows installation on a maximum of two Windows® devices used by the same licensee. Server-based installation is prohibited.

Please activate the application using the activation code furnished you.

GPStamper Lite:

  • is very easy to install and use.
  • supports either GPS or UTM notation.
  • Standard version supports file and folder stamping.
  • Unicode and QR Code versions stamp single files only.
  • should be tested thoroughly before production use.
  • is provided as is, and without warranty.

Feel free to contact me with questions regarding use.

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GPStamper™ Lite ©2007-2018 Michael Lee