GPStamper Lite

GPStamper Lite combines a user entered subject description, along with a photo’s coordinates, date/time and author information, into a high quality location stamp. Access GPStamper Lite via Windows context menu to stamp either a single photo or an entire folder!


Right-click a file/folder for instant access!
  • Extremely simple to setup, access and use!
  • Same basic stamping capability as GPStamper
  • Process one file or an entire folder at a time
  • Supports either GPS or UTM notation
  • Reads and writes standard Exif and XMP metadata
  • Auto generates and stamps location names!
  • Supports JPG photos from any device with GPS
  • Stamps English (ASCII) and Unicode characters!
  • An “Open With” app for Nikon ViewNX-i (et al.)

GPStamper vs. GPStamper Lite comparison



Guide to Operation


Please purchase an activation code only after confirming that GPStamper Lite will meet your needs, as refunds can not be made after purchase. Please test thoroughly before production use.

The sole authorized source of GPStamper Lite
Digitally signed by Michael G Lee
Registered – System for Award Management (SAM)
D-U-N-S® Number 079118461

  Installer for Windows (2-day free trial)

Buy now with PayPal or credit card  1 Perpetual license* – $29

A PayPal account is not required, as debit and credit cards are accepted by PayPal.
Licenses are fulfilled Monday through Friday, UTC -6, 9am-5pm

*Installation is permitted on a single Windows device used by the original licensee. Perpetuity applies to the originally licensed version. Server-based installations are not permitted. Resale or redistribution is prohibited.


Please contact me should you have any questions whatsoever regarding GPStamper Lite’s capabilities or compatibility.