2007 — When GPStamper was first released in 2007 it was simply a tool to put a GPS location and date onto geotagged photos. The first iPhone released in 2007 did not even incorporate GPS (that occurred in 2008 with the iPhone 3G), and no dedicated camera had built-in GPS, so cameras either had external GPS options, or photos were geotagged with a track log from a dedicated GPS device. I knew the future of photo location captioning was fast approaching.

2007 Windows XP

2023 — Sixteen years later, and designed for Windows 11, GPStamper has many options to customize the appearance of the caption and include a variety of metadata, including automatically generated location names and addresses.

2023 Windows 11

Numerous international government agencies and private corporations now use GPStamper to location caption their photos, as there is no better way for archiving this vital information.
Nowadays, anyone with an iPhone can take full advantage of GPStamper’s many capabilities, typically with only a few mouse clicks.