View photo locations in Google Earth with a single mouse click! GEPix is compatible with geotagged JPG photos from iPhone, Android, or any camera/device with GPS.

Tip — right-click thumbnails and select “Open Image” to view full size.
  • Simply drag and drop any geotagged file or folder onto any GEPix shortcut!
  • Check “Allow access to local files and personal data” on Google Earth Pro’s
    “Tools > Options > General” tab to display large thumbnails with photo date and subject description*.
  • Google Street View panoramic photos from iPhones will also display image heading.
  • Generated KML† files can be uniquely named and saved to the source image(s) folder.
  • Requires Google Earth Pro for Windows desktop (version 7.3.1 or later) to display thumbnails.
  • Google Earth on Web can display (only) locations by importing the GEPix generated KML file.

Google Earth Pro does not read a photo’s orientation metadata tag for vertically oriented photos, and so will display those photos sideways. I recommend my free AutoRotate application for rotation.

Easy setup!

* You can enter photo descriptions via the “Subject” field in File Explorer’s Details pane.
† Photos are saved with either absolute file paths (to save in “My Places”) or relative file paths, suitable for KMZ file creation in Google Earth Pro.

This is the sole authorized source of GEPix, which is not in any way affiliated with Google.

Download GEPix (64-bit) – Free for personal or commercial use.
GEPix is digitally signed by LEE, MICHAEL G
Microsoft Defender SmartScreen may require you to click “More info” and “Run anyway” during installation.


Please contact me should you have any questions regarding GEPix.