A Windows application to view your photo locations in Google Earth Pro with a single click!

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  • Simply drag and drop a single geotagged file or folder (containing any number of photos) onto a GEPix desktop shortcut, or right-click a file/folder in File Explorer and select “View in Google Earth” from Windows context menu. In Windows 11 you need to first select “Show more options” to access this menu option.
  • GEPix is compatible with JPG photos from any iPhone or Android, and all cameras with GPS/GNSS, and requires Google Earth Pro to display photo locations and thumbnails.¹
  • In Google Earth Pro, check “Tools > Options > General > Allow access to local files and personal data” to display photo thumbnails with date and description.²
  • KML files must be associated with Google Earth Pro (typically occurs automatically during Google Earth Pro installation).
  • GEPix generated KML files can be uniquely named and saved for managing project photos.³
  • Google Earth for Chrome can display GEPix generated KML files.⁴

¹Right-click a photo thumbnail in Google Earth Pro and select “Open Image” to view full size. Vertically shot photos must be rotated to display properly in Google Earth. See Rotate Auto
²Enter photo descriptions via the “Subject” field in File Explorer’s Details pane.
³Files are saved to the source image folder with either absolute file paths (to save in “My Places”), or relative file paths suitable for KMZ (photo inclusive) file creation in Google Earth Pro (Save Place As…). This option is selectable in GEPix Preferences.
⁴Import GEPix generated KML files via “Projects > Open > Import KML file from computer”.

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Please do not download outdated and unauthorized redistributions from other sources. They will not work and may be unsafe. This is the sole authorized source for GEPix, which is not in any way affiliated with Google.

  • Your antivirus software must allow you to install software.
  • Microsoft Defender SmartScreen may require you to click “More info” and “Run anyway” during installation.

GEPix  (Free)
Windows 10/11 Compatible

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Please contact me should you have any questions regarding GEPix (Google Earth Pix) operation.