GPStamper combines a simple interface with a highly efficient workflow.
Simply drag and drop a file or folder into GPStamper and select a stamping option.


  • Compatible with photos from any camera/device which incorporates GPS*
  • Simple, drag-and-drop, one click operation.
  • Safe, copies are stamped, and metadata is preserved.
  • Lossless algorithm preserves original JPEG image quality.
  • Operates in perfect unison with (Windows) File Explorer.
  • Automatic reverse geocoding and stamping of street/place, city, state/province and country.  Reverse geocodes may be edited prior to stamping.
  • Highly customizable, choose what location metadata to include in your stamp, and how it should look.
  • Works with photos geotagged and/or reverse geocoded using Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom®.
  • Unique, extract and stamp still frames from geotagged MOV (iPhone/iPad) and
    MP4 (Android) videos – including 4K
  • Fast and convenient, all option selections are saved from session to session.
  • Dependency-free**

Tutorial & Gallery

*Built-in or external (wired or wireless)
**Google Earth is only required for viewing photo locations (optional, though recommended)
GPStamper is designed for Windows®, and optimized for English (ASCII)

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