GPStamper GPStamper Lite
 Subject description up to 200 characters Limited to 50 characters
 Decimal Degrees (DD), DMS and UTM notation DD and UTM only
 Include date, with time optional No time options
 Include author/copyright notice Yes
 Include file name
 FULLY customizable stamp appearance
 Automatically reverse geocode for location names Yes, with limitations (reduced precision)
 Stamp Lightroom® reverse geocodes
 Extract and stamp video frames
 Smart Clipboard
 Include image direction*
 Include elevation*
 Include copyright symbol
 Include DOP/Horizontal Positioning Error*
 Select file/folder by drag-and-drop or file browser Context menu or drag-and-drop
 View photo locations in Google Earth and Maps
 View photo locations in OpenStreetMap
 Read photo location metadata
 Geotag photos using GPX tracklog
 Save all settings between stamping sessions Yes
 Supports English (ASCII) characters only ASCII & Unicode**

*If present in photo metadata

**Stamping Unicode location names is limited to single file processing. Ctrl or Shift may be used to select multiple files when stamping coordinates with Unicode subject descriptions or author/copyright notices. The Latin-1 character set (ISO 8859-1) is fully supported.