Add a “Rotate auto” entry to Windows context menu for automatic rotation of vertically oriented JPG photos.

AutoRotate reads the Exif orientation tag value in your photos and, using a lossless JPEG algorithm to avoid any image degradation, pixel rotates your photos accordingly, while preserving photo metadata and regenerating any embedded thumbnail.

Download AutoRotate which is FREE for personal or commercial use.
Microsoft Defender SmartScreen may require you to click “More info” and “Run anyway” during installation.

Did you know that Windows 10 doesn’t actually pixel rotate your vertically oriented photos? Windows only reads the embedded Exif orientation tag value (if present) and displays those photos upright. Additionally, the existing Rotate right and Rotate left context menu options only modify the orientation tag value and do not actually pixel rotate the photo!

It is always best to pixel rotate vertical photos so that they will display properly in Google Earth and everywhere else.

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