Know Where – Know When

GPStamper™ 9 – The Next Generation in Photo Documentation

GPStamper (G-P-Stamper) automatically extracts the GPS coordinates, image direction and elevation (if present), and date/time from a geotagged image’s metadata, and then visually stamps it onto a JPEG photo with no loss in image quality.  Optionally, stamp an automatically retrieved city, state/province and country location, along with the photo’s date.

Additionally, you can very easily add a subject description and/or copyright notice to include in the stamp, or stamp a complete reverse geocoded location from Adobe® Lightroom®, Windows Photo Gallery, or Geotag.  Request a free custom preset and stamp any photo metadata of your choosing!

GPStamper is optimized for processing folders of photos via the simplest and most efficient workflow possible, and is unparalleled in its ability to stamp location metadata via a single mouse click!

GPStamper is designed for aerial photographers, geographers, geologists, surveyors, archaeologists, foresters, biologists, naturalists, historians, realtors, genealogists, utility companies, engineers, project managers, disaster relief agencies, and all others who geotag their photos.  With no learning curve, GPStamper can be immediately deployed to personnel who photo document their field work.

Please see the features page for a complete feature set and compatibility listing.

GPStamper has been in continual development since 2007, and is a robust tool designed with the commercial user in mind.

GPStamper™ ©2007-2015 Michael Lee
GPStamper is designed for the Windows® operating system, and optimized for English.



Windows 5-day Trial Version

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I would encourage all GPStamper 8 users to update to version 9 for an improved user experience . Please contact me for your free update.

No Dependencies

No Java, .NET, Flash, or other requirements.

iPhone Compatibility

100% iPhone photo compatible.

Free Updates

Licensed users currently receive a perpetual license, and free updates!